We offer creative solutions in virtual product visualization.


Our team of experienced 3D artists specialize in creating photorealistic digital twins of interior and lifestyle products, helping businesses showcase their products in a virtual photostudio.

With VAES Visuals, the digital sky truly is the limit.

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“A virtual representation of your product,
we call it digital-twin”

Industries we feel at home at

Interior and lifestyle

Stunning virtual interiors for lifestyle shoots, displaying any product in a photorealistic environment


Showcase your furniture designs in various colors and materials, with consistent branding and quick turnaround times, without the logistic hassle of a real photoshoot.

Consumer Electronics

Showcase all features of your product visualy and offer interactive animations for an engaging customer experience.

Beauty and Cosmetics

Capturing cosmetics in photography can be challenging, particularly with numerous product variations. Our virtual approach simplifies this process, offering an efficient and consistent solution.

Scroll stopping content to stand out in the crowd

Stand out in the online crowd! CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery can transform ordinary videos into ‘scroll-stopping’ content. This marketing trend is commonly referred to as FOOH (Fake out of home) or fakevertising

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Why do I need a Digital-Twin of my products?

Challenges with Traditional Photoshoots:

– Building a physical set can be time-consuming and costly.

– Handling multiple product and material variations becomes a huge task.

– They’re bound to a single location and set design.

– External factors like weather can disrupt the shoot.

– Replicating the same setup for future updates is tough.


Benefits of Digital-Twins and virtual content creation:

– Offer endless customization and flexibility.

– Ensure visual consistency in all images.

– Available round-the-clock for content creation.

– More cost-effective in the long run.

– Save significant time and resources.

– Easy to replicate, modify, and update.

VAES visuals

What our clients say

Dimitri Traas – Content Marketer – Baars & Bloemhoff

“Beautiful interiors and settings that align well with our desires.”

“With stunning visuals, quick service, and expertise in the field, we happily collaborate with VAES visuals. Our decor collections gain a new dimension when showcased in the realistic virtual environments from Roy and his team, allowing us to introduce our range to our customers in a refreshing manner. Based on the input we provide at the beginning of a project, they consistently create beautiful interiors and settings that perfectly match our desires.”

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VAES visuals

Joyce Roll – founder – Nicemakers

“The talent to delve into our thoughts and get under the skin of the project.”

“We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with VAES visuals over the past few years for various international interior projects. For our clients, it’s crucial to get a clear impression of what we design for them. Moreover, this allows us to internally review our designs. And we believe: do it exceptionally well or don’t do it at all! Roy can create lifelike visualizations where you can almost touch the materials and fabrics. Lighting is one of the most critical elements of a design, and he consistently captures it flawlessly in our style. Roy has the talent to momentarily step into our thoughts and immerse himself in the essence of the project, creating a unique style every time that fits that particular project. This diversity is vital to us, and Roy manages to translate it for us time and again.”

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VAES visuals