Stand out in the online crowd! CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery can transform ordinary videos into ‘scroll-stopping’ content. This marketing trend is commonly referred to as FOOH (Fake out of home) or fakevertising

Recent campaigns by Jacquemus and Isabel Marant have showcased how CGI is influencing the online space. Now is the opportune moment for early adopters, as CGI content offers limitless possibilities, swiftly creates complex visuals, and seamlessly integrates modern technology with your brand(s). It’s not only a powerful marketing tool but also an inspiring way to immerse your audience in the innovative world of your brand(s).

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We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. Helping brands shine in the digital landscape, making their stories unforgettable. With a team of experienced CGI artists and digital marketing experts we value innovation, creativity, and a commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital era.

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