Why we love what we do and do a lot of it


Our team of creative professionals all share the same passion, that started at a young age. We have spent endless hours drawing and building legos as a kid, to create a safe space where anything is possible only bound by creativity. We felt free. Nowadays we help people find this feeling, content creation where the digital sky is the limit and where anything is possible.


What did you say?


Our “safe space” the virtual photo studio where anything is possible, 24/7 available and where we create pixelperfect marketing content without the limitations of traditional photoshoots.


“Big team, bigger ideas.
No boundaries, just

VAES visuals



Our team at VAES Visuals is a collective of diverse, specialized professionals committed to delivering the highest quality work. We are a group of 20+ creatives, well-versed in an array of disciplines to best serve your visual needs.

To accommodate varying project scopes, our flexible model allows us to scale our team if necessary, ensuring we maintain timely delivery without compromising on the quality of our output, even when tasked with creating hundreds of images.

3D artists (15)
2D digital retouch (5)
Motion designer (2)
Certified drone pilot (2)
VAES visuals
VAES visuals