What we do

We offer creative solutions in virtual product visualization, enabling you to create visual marketing content of your products without the logistical hassle of physical photoshoots.

We specialize in creating photorealistic digital-twins of interior and lifestyle products, providing you with accurate representations of your products in any desired environment.

We help businesses showcase their products in a virtual photo studio, allowing for flexibility and shortening the time to market.

How we do it

We utilize CGI computer generated imagery and 3D rendering techniques to create accurate and photorealistic product visualizations.

Our team of experienced 3D artists ensures pixel perfect accuracy, delivering high-quality and accurate digital twins of your products or design.

We have a can-do mentality and always think outside the box to find a proper solution to any challenges that may arise during the process.

We offer one central point for communication, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

Why we do it

We believe in the freedom to create without physical boundaries, providing businesses with the ability to showcase their products without the limitations of physical photoshoots.

We are dedicated to delivering the best quality possible, utilizing the latest techniques and skilled professionals to provide businesses with accurate and high-quality product visualizations.

We enjoy bringing our clients’ products to life and seeing their brand soar to new heights, providing them with the tools they need to showcase their products in the best possible light.

VAES visuals

the process

Briefing and Conceptualization

Project Setup + Feedback

Digitial Twin Creation

Final Approval

Project Delivery

Briefing and Conceptualization:


We start by listening to your vision, needs, and goals. We then collaboratively brainstorm and develop a clear roadmap to bring your ideas to life. This ensures your project’s direction aligns with your business objectives.

Digital Twin Creation:

Our experienced artists transform your product into its digital twin by creating a precise 3D model, crafting an accurate digital copy that mirrors your physical product’s every detail.

-Texturing and Material Setup:

Lifelike textures and materials are applied, creating a realistic representation of your product that captures every detail. Lighting: Precise virtual lighting is set up to highlight your product’s best features, ensuring it looks its best in every image.

-Customized Virtual Environments:
We go beyond just showcasing your product. We can make any kind of virtual background or scene you want, making sure your product looks its best and stands out just the way you imagined.

Utilizing powerful technology, we create high-resolution images from the 3D setup, guaranteeing high quality, pixel perfect visual outputs.


Utilizing powerful technology, we create high-resolution images from the 3D setup, guaranteeing high quality, pixel perfect visual outputs.

Final Delivery and Revisions:

At VAES Visuals, we’re more than just a team, we’re your reliable creative partners. Our large team of experts, coupled with advanced project management tools ensures top-quality and on-time delivery for all projects. Once your digital twin meets our stringent quality checks and receives your approval, we deliver the final product in all required formats according to your brief. Welcome to a hassle-free, reliable CGI experience!