Campaign images

Blending the best of both worlds, our campaign images for this project feature real-life photography of the actual workshop seamlessly combined with virtual decor and lighting. Facing the challenge of creating a unique concept with real assets, we opted for a virtual approach. This enabled us to craft a compelling visual story, without the limitations or complexities of traditional methods.

Virtual environments

When it came to crafting marketing images, we opted for a set of completely virtual environments. Why did we take this approach? Here are a few reasons:

  • Flexibility: Virtual environments offer the ability to easily change elements like decor, lighting, and product placement, giving us more creative freedom.
  • Consistency: Going virtual ensures uniform lighting and angles, making the images look consistent and polished.
  • Cost-Efficiency: No need for physical set construction or teardown, saving both time and money.
  • Unrestricted Creativity: A virtual setup lets us push the boundaries, creating scenarios that might be difficult or expensive to recreate physically.
  • Easy Updates: Virtual assets can be easily modified for future marketing campaigns, making it a smart long-term investment.


Once we’ve created a digital twin of your product, the possibilities are endless. In this particular case, we didn’t just stop at immersive virtual environments. We also:

  • Created packshots against a white background for a clean, professional look suitable for catalogs or online stores.
  • Developed high-quality SketchUp models that architects and interior designers can integrate into their own designs, giving them the freedom to visualize how your product fits within different spaces.

This multifaceted approach ensures you get the most value out of your digital assets.

Jacco Maris

Light up your world virtually with Jacco Maris’ digital twins!  For Jacco Maris, we create digital twins of their lighting designs, allowing them to craft marketing content with the exact look and feel they envision. No more waiting for client installations—now they can showcase their products in a variety of virtual settings tailored to their brand’s aesthetic.

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